McSweeney’s Offers a Preview of Lucky Peach


McSweeney’s is getting itself ready to launch Lucky Peach, the quarterly food journal from David Chang, Peter Meehan, and Anthony Bourdain’s Zero Point Zero Productions. It will come out in June, but the folks at McSweeney’s have sent over a preview to whet the media’s already considerable appetite for all things Chang.

The first issue will be devoted to ramen, and will feature stories from John T. Edge (on Ya Ka Mein, a New Orleans specialty), Todd Kliman (“Debunking the Myth of Authenticity”), Meehan and Chang on their travels in Japan, and Harold McGee, who will explain MSG headaches and alkaline noodles. Plus, Ruth Reichl will perform an instant-ramen taste test, and Chang, Wylie DuFresne, and the Torrisi dudes will contribute recipes.

All of which sound wonderful, but what we’re most excited to read is Anthony Bourdain’s exploration of “the classic Brittany Murphy film, Ramen Girl.” You were maybe expecting further scholarly discourse on Tampopo?

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