New York Wants to Take Away Youngsters’ Red-Blooded American Right to Tan


In what will certainly be seen as terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news by the cast of the Jersey Shore, New York state legislators want to ban indoor tanning for under-18-year-olds. That would make New York state horribly pale. It would also make New York state the first in the nation to ban indoor tanning for youngsters, and probably ruin a LOT of proms, at least until people get used to not being orange. The American Cancer Society has named this ban one of the top priorities of this legislative session, and while we’d like to popularize pasty legs as much as anyone, we can’t help wondering if there are bigger fish to, proverbially, fry. Also, you can always go outside, you guys (we hear it’s good for you)! Or…to New Jersey.