OMFG Ghostface Killah Has a Namesake Beer!


Donald Trump has his own vodka, but the best celebrity booze hybrid most certainly is the new Ghost Face Killah spicy beer!

OK, so it’s not technically a partnership between Twisted Pine Brewery and the Wu-Tang rapper, who didn’t reply to the brewery’s request. The name, rather, comes from the kung-fu film Mystery of Chessboxing. But that’s where Ghostface got his name. So really, if you use the transitive property, then this beer is totally Ghostface-approved, right? In any event, the limited-edition beer has been dry-hopped with six different hot peppers, including “ghost pepper” Bhut Jolokia, along with serranos, jalapeños, habaneros, fresnos, and Anaheim chiles. The brewery will be releasing the beer tomorrow, along with its new Holy Mole (chocolate chili beer) for Cinco de Mayo. Fiesta!

[Via Gothamist]