Phoenix Man Attacked by 100,000 Bees


This is just terrifying: In Phoenix, a homeless man was attacked by a swarm of, apparently, some 100,000 bees, while he was simply walking down the street. “He was stung several thousand times,” reports MyFoxPhoenix, and went into anaphylactic shock, but is expected to recover, though he’ll surely never look at a bee the same way again. Jesus.

Covering him in foam, firefighters rescued a man attacked by Africanized bees. The swarm was still stinging the victim while he was being rescued.

“Probably close to a hundred thousand bees is what they’re saying it looks like a big dark cloud,” says Scott Walker with Phoenix Fire. “It doesn’t take a lot for them to… start attacking you.”

This marks the 18th bee attack in Phoenix for the year.

End times watch, or just another reason to be glad we live in New York City? Although…there was that “three foot column of bees” on Lexington Avenue in June of 2009. Happy spring.

100,000 Bees Attack Homeless Man in Phoenix [MyFoxPhoenix via NYP]