Radcliffe’s Costar Shocked By His Tony Dis



Tammy Blanchard plays Hedy LaRue in the How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying revival, and got Tony-nominated for it, while star Daniel Radcliffe was famously omitted.

Well, at the nominees meet-and-greet today, the talented Blanchard — whom you know as young Judy Garland in the Me and My Shadows TV movie, and from Gypsy with Bernadette Peters — gave me her take on this turn of events:

“Everybody was shocked,” she told me.

“For me, if you nominate the supporting players and give recognition to the director, I don’t know how they leave out the lead when he led us to where we are.

“Some leads put walls and some open doors, and Daniel is the latter.

“Maybe the universe is saying, ‘He’s young and he’ll be able to play many roles he wants to play.’

“Maybe the universe knows that he doesn’t need it as much as me, a struggling single mother.

“But we did this together. To have a piece of you not there is painful. It’s bittersweet.

“He’s fine, though,” she added, poignantly.

“He said, ‘Tammy, you know I’m OK, right?’ “