The Most Cliched Types of Movie Scenes!


We’ve seen them over and over again for decades.

In fact, that’s what makes them clichéd!

Here are my least favorite standard scenes of the type that usually only happen on a big screen, as opposed to life or even a small screen:

(And thanks to for the idea.)

5. Just when someone’s kissing someone they’re not supposed to be kissing, someone else — generally the person they are supposed to be kissing — walks in. Whoopsy! This causes all kinds of screaming “drama,” usually leading up to a big breakup and the illicit sex not seeming as exciting anymore. (I mean to the audience!)

4. A girl is heartbroken over some romantic trouble she’s in. The gay best friend comforts her with some jokes followed by hugs and a pep talk. She laughs through her tears and kisses the gay best friend on the cheek. He glows as if ennobled, then goes back to his sexless existence of helping straight people.

3. A gal and guy are about to get married until it turns out they’re siblings! But just then, someone rushes in with evidence that actually she was adopted, so it’s totally OK! (This actually happened in an old Sharon Stone film I just happened to catch. Even once made it clichéd.)

2. A Motown song pipes through the soundtrack during some chick-bonding moment or other. All the women in the room start bouncing around and cutely lip-synching to it — for five minutes! When they do it with kitchen utensils as microphones, it’s time to really start spewing the vomit.

1. The climactic speech. “I’m sorry I strayed or lied or got drunk or whatever. You know I love you and that’s what matters. Nobody’s perfect.”

Followed by jokes, hugs, a pep talk, and five minutes of lip-synching!