There Were 62 ‘Suspicious Package’ Reports in New York City After Osama Bin Laden’s Death


The “suspicious package” reported in Times Square on Monday minutes after a Ground Zero news conference about the killing of Osama Bin Laden — later deemed to be a bag of trash — was one of 62 reports on Monday alone. “The daily totals typically spike when terrorist plot makes headlines here or overseas,” NBC New York reports today about the “frequent but necessary annoyance” for the NYPD. For comparison, last Monday, before Bin Laden’s death, there were 18 suspicious packages reported, adding to the total of 2,775 so far this year, as compared to 2,477 in the same time-span last year. In 2010, New York City got 10,566 reports of “suspicious objects.” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly doesn’t want it to stop though: “We anticipate that with increased public vigilance comes an increase in false alarms for suspicious packages,” he said in Monday’s announcement. “This typically happens at times of heightened awareness. But we don’t want to discourage the public. If you see something, say something.” Although it’s probably garbage. [NBC NY]