This Week in the Voice: Payback, Osama Bin Laden Is Dead


In this week’s issue of the Voice, Graham Rayman writes movingly of his memories of September 11, 2001…and how Osama bin Laden’s recent death doesn’t solve everything, but certainly helps: “I have to admit feeling satisfied, and astonished that all these memories came back so clearly as if no time had passed at all.”

Elsewhere, Camille Dodero explores the world of Guys Who Like Fat Chicks…and the fat chicks they like. They are real, and they have plenty to say.

Vivien Goldman writes of Poly Styrene, punk pioneer, who died last week at the age of 53 after releasing her first album in seven years.

Robert Sietsema explores three Ghanaian restaurants — Papaye, Uptown African Restaurant, and Accra — in “Bronx Hill Country,” an area that has become “a hotbed of Ghanaian eats, serving a burgeoning commercial community that manages import-export houses, textile shops, hair salons, and groceries.”

Lauren Shockey finds a decent — and affordable — place to eat in Midtown at Tenpenny in the Gotham Hotel.

J. Hoberman reviews The Beaver, the much-discussed Mel Gibson/Jodie Foster pairing, and finds “the movie’s lopsided wobble is undeniably enhanced by her star, Mel Gibson–or at least by the baggage he schleps into the proceedings.”

Michael Musto experiences a collision of “sitcom stars of yore,” from Loni Anderson to the Brady Bunch, at an autograph convention in the Parsippany, New Jersey, Hilton.

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