Will You Adopt The Thor Look?


This Friday, director Kenneth Branagh improbably meets Marvel comics when the big-budget adventure Thor opens, bringing armour — and amour — down to earth from the realm of Asgard.

I saw the flick last night in 3-D — or actually in the West 30s — and star Chris Hemsworth turns out to be one of those big, hulking, dirty-blond, chesty, you know, Thor types who fills a screen with his loins alone.

And as his lady co-star Natalie Portman gushes in the film, he’s got quite a look!

So will Thor chic spark a fashion phenom in the East Village?

Will you start wearing it to the workplace?

As you’ll notice, it’s heavy on the winged helmets, oversized buttons, and exposed arms.

And you get to wield a really cool metal mallet, perfect for clubbing rats and generally looking intimidating.

To adopt this look, you must not be averse to wearing the occasional piece of s&m jewelry while looking a teensy bit like an inflated armadillo.

And in being all Thor-like, you manage to exude incredible machismo while sporting the biggest cleavage of anyone in town.

It’s absolutely gorge, kids.

I’m convinced the Thor look is for me. It’s about time I dropped my old comic-book look–Betty Boop.