Dig Deep: Three More Foodie Kickstarter Campaigns in NYC


Diner’s Journal reports on a new Kickstarter campaign for Veggie Island, the organic produce stand that opened last summer next to Rockaway Taco in Queens. This year, they hope to raise $15,000 to build a garden, greenhouse, and composting facility nearby. But Veggie Island isn’t the only fledgling food company in the city trying to make it. Introducing the latest foodie Kickstarter campaigns in the city …

Bananas for Art posits that there are two main problems plaguing college students the world over — high expenses and unhealthy food — and asks, “What if there was a solution to both these problems?” That solution, or so goes the pitch, is a mobile gallery-slash-frozen treat vendor. But this isn’t just any frozen treat. Banana Cream is frozen bananas (no other ingredients) “swirled together into a soft serve” until they reach the texture of ice cream. All proceeds from the venture will go toward Banana Grants.

Urban Oasis Café, an organic mobile smoothie and juice bar launched last year, is looking for help to expand. Last summer, it could be found at farmers’ markets throughout Nassau County, but this year the owners want to bring the truck to New York City. Funds raised would go toward renovations to comply with Health Department regulations, as well as equipment and permits.

Instead of a food truck, this Kickstarter campaign is to fund a food documentary. Spoils: Extraordinary Harvest explores the not-so-glamorous world of dumpster diving, which, before turning your nose up, you should know is “a practice as old as agriculture.” The film follows three New Yorkers on their quest for discarded food, depicting the vast amount that is wasted every day. Yes, we know there’s a Portlandia (Brooklandia?) skit in there somewhere, but it’s well worth suspending your cynicism to view the trailer.

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