Rickshaw Dumpling to Park It Permanently in Midtown


Given that the Rickshaw Dumpling truck is a more or less constant presence in the lives of Midtown office workers, its original storefront on West 23rd Street can seem like a bit of an afterthought. But bricks and mortar are still very much a part of the company’s MO, as their plans for expansion make clear.

Per Eater, Rickshaw, which opened that 23rd Street location in 2006, is in the process of opening a new store at Lexington and West 45th Street. That puts it smack in the middle of its thriving midtown market, which perhaps gives it a better chance of success than its earlier NYU location, which closed in 2009. And it looks like the company’s owner, Kenny Lao (who founded Rickshaw with Anita Lo, who is no longer involved with it), has further expansion plans up his sleeve: Rickshaw’s website promises “more Manhattan locations coming soon!”