The Jalapeño Truck Quietly Rolls into NYC Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo


With all the fanfare most food trucks tend to launch with these days, it’s amazing that this one has managed to slip in under the radar. The Jalapeño NYC truck has been seen parked outside Thirst Wine Merchants (DeKalb and Carlton avenues) in Fort Greene the last few weekends, as well as on University Place near Washington Square Park during the week.

With a menu scrawled right on the side of the bright green truck, it’s serving $2.50 tacos, including goat barbacoa, as well as burritos, tamales, cemitas, and tortas. Last weekend, the tortillas looked soft and puffy, but unfortunately we didn’t try them because we’d just gorged ourselves over at the Brooklyn Flea nearby like suckers. But we’re heading back this weekend and will let the Fort Greene foodies have their long lines at the Flea while we feast on curbside Mexican that, so far, not too many people seem to know about.

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