The Subway Is Pretty Gross, but the R Train Is Really Repulsive


According to the latest Straphangers Campaign study, the subway is officially grosser than last year. Maybe it’s all the spaghetti flying around? The R trains are the most disgusting, reports the New York Post, “with only 27 percent of them rated as ‘clean.'” The cleanest line was the 7, with 68 percent of cars considered clean. In other news, the M got better, the L was fairly clean but showed “significant deterioration” from 2009, and the entire subway system got worse overall — you’d want to actually sit in the seats of less than half of the cars in service.

Perhaps this was only to be expected, with subway cleaning staff cuts, and all that damn spaghetti.

As for the methodology:

Cars got a “clean” rating if the were “basically dirt-free” or had “light dirt,” including occasional ground-in spots.

Cars with dingy floors, or sticky dry spots got a “moderately” dirty rank. Those with open or spilled food, hazardous or foul conditions, sticky wet spots and unusable, filthy seats were dubbed “heavily dirty.”

The survey doesn’t rate litter, or, presumably, rats.

Straphangers group names R train MTA’s dirtiest ride [NYP]