10 Percent of Birthers Will Not Be Convinced By Some Silly Actual Birth Certificate


Recall last week, when one of the major issues being discussed by the fine people of our nation was still whether or not Barack Obama was born in the U.S., even though his administration released a copy of his birth certificate years ago. Still, there were plenty of detractors who said he could have faked it, and where was the long-form version, and show the birth certificate! And then Donald Trump started talking about it (ooh, in the past week we’ve almost forgotten about him!). So Obama finally showed everyone his long-form birth certificate and told everyone, basically, that there were bigger issues to deal with and could we all just sort of shut up about it now? And then he had Osama bin Laden killed, and so we all pretty much did, and started talking about that instead.

Now, via a new Washington Post poll, it seems that most people are finally convinced that Barack Obama was indeed born in Hawaii. Seventy percent of people, up from 48 percent, say it’s so. A slightly larger percent of people say he’s U.S.-born, though not necessarily in Hawaii. But 10 percent of people, the staunchest of birther hold-outs, continue to insist that “Obama was likely born abroad,” despite what anyone else has to say about it. And 1 percent say there’s “solid evidence” that the president was born elsewhere.

If you have the evidence, please, show us. If not, can we all just actually shut up about it now?

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