Al Qaeda Confirms Death of Osama Bin Laden


Reuters reports this morning, via the SITE monitoring service, that Al Qaeda used the internet on Friday to confirm the death of their leader. “Al-Qaeda released a statement on jihadist forums on May 6, 2011, confirming the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden,” SITE said. Previously, Al Qaeda leaders refrained from commenting about Bin Laden’s death in Abbottabad, Pakistan, “As the Americans did not provide any acceptable evidence to back up their claim.” We’ll add more details when they become available. Updated below

Reuters updates to say that the statement from Al Qaeda includes the promise to release a voice recording soon that Bin Laden made a week before he was killed. Additionally, the group “vows to continue attacks, calls Bin Laden death a ‘curse’ for America, urges uprising in Pakistan.”

The online statement reads, in part:

Congratulations to the Islamic Nation on the martyrdom of their devoted son Osama,

Even when the Americans managed to kill Osama, they managed to do ONLY that by disgrace and betrayal. Men and heroes only should be confronted in the battlefields but at the end, that’s God’s fate. Still we ask, will the Americans be able thru their media outlets, their agents, their instruments, soldiers, intelligence services and their might be able to kill what Sheikh Osama lived for and was killed for? How far! How impossible! Sheikh Osama didn’t build an organization that will vanish with his death or fades away with his departure.

In this context, we in al Qaeda Jihad organization promise God Almighty and we ask Him for help, support and steadfastness to continue on the path of jihad that our leaders, led by Sheikh Osama chose, and that we will not be reluctant, and will not deviate from that honorable path until God be the final judge between us and our enemy.

An full translation can be read at CNN, and the Arabic version can be see here in PDF form.

This post was originally published on May 6, 2011, at 8:57 a.m. ET.