Bin Laden Should Have Been Put On Trial


That’s what some people have been saying, annoyed that one of the biggest psycho serial killers in history wasn’t give the proper extent of the law, plus a gift bag!

Well, in the future, here’s how I say we should deal with such situations.

Let’s indeed grant all cuckoo tyrants a trial.

And they should even get a court-appointed lawyer totally free of charge.

(After all, these people have generally been living on the lam in various caves, running away from anyone who might be ticked off about their acts of mass destruction, and they can’t honestly be expected to have kept up a very good line of credit.)

And that lawyer should always be … Marcia Clark.

She’s the one who couldn’t get a “guilty” verdict on O.J. Simpson despite a Himalayan mountain of evidence including his abuse history, his attempted escape from cops, and shitloads of DNA!

With Marcia on their side, nutjob despots will surely lose.

And then we can just shoot ’em in the head!