Doomsday Just 15 Days Away This May 21, Subway Ad Warns


Just a reminder: Doomsday is coming on May 21, a scant 15 days away. So start collecting bottled water and flare guns.

We learned this from a woman passing out fliers near the shuttle stop in Grand Central Station. We also learned this from an advertisement in the East 96th Street subway station. The MTA always reminds straphangers, “If you see something, say something.” But the agency green-lights an advertisement that claims the world will end in a giant earthquake? Hmmm. (Maybe they aren’t taking it as seriously as we are.)

So, what’s the deal? Well, apparently, the world will end and the Rapture is coming. But, evidently, the tsunami-caused nuclear plant problems in Japan are a warning sign. And it appears likely that Los Angeles is overdue for a major earthquake.

The above website offers the following proof: “Will Jesus return on May 21 2011? Many claim to not believe the fact that Judgement Day is coming on May 21, but yet sales of Doomsday bunkers are through the roof! Companies that manufacture Doomsday bunkers are selling their products at 1000% of what they were just a few years ago. Clearly many people know that the world is coming to an end.”

Yes, clearly.

The website also predicts: “Jesus will return to rule during the End of Days, and the End of the Earth will come on the date October 21, 2011.”

And offers this advice: “I’ll give you the secret of how you can survive the End of the World. You can be saved by Jesus, swept into Heaven, and live in eternity in the presence of God the Almighty. In order to be saved in the Rapture on May 21 2011, you must truly believe in the power of the Lord, and respect His plan to End the World.”

One question: How will this affect property values?