Happy Sixth Birthday, Cake Shop


The bilevel coffee shop/bar/venue/place for hangs Cake Shop turns six this weekend, and it’s celebrating with a sixth-birthday party with a bunch of bands and “surprises.” Cake Shop’s gone through some changes over the course of its existence–R.I.P., for all intents & purposes, record store that took up much of the back of the ground floor and slowly got chipped away–but it’s consistently booked fantastic indiepop bills and local bands, and it’s nice to see it holding down the fort and slinging the still-relatively-cheap hooch in an increasingly unfun-to-visit corner of the Lower East Side. The fête tomorrow night includes a set by the quite lovely Kiwi act Surf City, who are keeping the New Zealand chiming-pop flame alive; full flyer (via BV) after the jump.


If you feel like cramming as many May 7 hours as possible with Cake Shop partying, tonight from midnight to 4 SOTC contributor J. Edward Keyes spins records as part of his monthly Universal Melody night; he’ll play “Global Grooves, followed by R&B, followed by indie & punk.” The night ends with a spin of Bob Dylan’s “Wigwam,” because it really does make for a fine 4 a.m. outro: