New York Doctors Could Be Banned From Wearing Ties


A male doctor, in our minds, always wears a white coat over a starched dress shirt and unoffensive tie. Not for long, maybe! The state legislator, led by half of Albany power couple “Klavino,” Sen. Diane Savino, is plotting to ban all hospital workers from wearing neckties because they spread germs (?). Apparently some studies “indicate” that ties can carry diseases, but the whole thing sounds dubious. “It’s ridiculous,” says a Dr. Strange, who — let’s face it — we would have quoted too, no matter what he said. “This is an example of where government gets too involved in people’s lives. We have many, many more important things that legislators should be worrying about, such as access to care, Medicaid and Medicare. To couch this under infection control, that is something that should be left up to hospitals and medical professionals.” [SI Live via Daily Intel]