The Nice-Guy Makeover Of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” Is Complete




Alas, the “ain’t that some shit” ad-lib in “Thank You,” the Duracell-sponsored, firefighter-honoring remake of Cee Lo Green’s gleefully profane “Fuck You,” is entirely excised, but at least the quick “I really hate yo ass right now” ad-lib is transformed into a shout-out to his mom. (Awww, just in time for Sunday!) Anyway, thanks to Beyoncé officially releasing her charity-and-probably-rep-benefiting version of Lee Greenwood’s super-hoary “God Bless The USA” yesterday, Cee Lo’s off the hook as far the “Most Cringe-Inducing Rework Of A Popular Song For A Decent Cause This Week” contest goes. Timing really is everything.