Today in El Diario: 7 Train Least Gross?


7 train said to be least gross.

Maria Medrano Arevalo’s eyes were wide with surprise, according to the Spanish-language daily.

“I can’t believe somebody thought that the 7 train is the cleanest of all the train lines,” she told the paper, referring to a recent survey that found the 7 to be the tidiest line throughout the city. The study also determined that the R train was the filthiest.

Medrano Arevalo, who commutes every day, told El Diario that she just could not believe that NYPIRG — a nonprofit that conducts this subway study every spring — found the Times Square-to-Queens route less dirty than others.

“Honestly, I don’t know what benchmarks they could have used,” she told the paper. “What I think is maybe they’ve never used the city’s subway.”

For Marcos Rendon, who lives in Corona, the issue is a bit more nuanced, El Diario notes.

“To me, they just can’t be talking about this 7 train, which runs along Roosevelt Avenue. Surely, they’re talking about another 7 train in the city.”

NYPIRG, which advocates for consumers, also said that the subway is losing its cleaning staff, the paper reports.