Week In Review: Stick Your Face Right There And Smile


• The week in out-and-aboutness: The overstimulation of The Bamboozle; the thrust-and-parry relationship between the two members of The Kills; the inadvertently timely New York debut of Steve Reich’s “WTC 9/11”; the splendor of Kylie Minogue; the loungey side of the Fiery Furnaces; the Astoria tipping point epitomized by The Roots; and the sweet harmony of Bruno Mars and Janelle Monáe.

• The late Poly Styrene was just one of the women from the post-punk generation to get back to making music in recent years.

• A look at why fewer urban-radio hits are crossing over to the pop charts.

• Sir Mix-A-Lot talks about babies (the grown kind) who have back.

• The first tapes of Vin Diesel and Arthur Russell’s 1980s collaborations see the light.

• Barack Obama name-checks ODB and the Tupac/Biggie murders in front of a fancy crowd.

• Before The Big 4 arrives in New York, our panel of rock critics might want to bone up on their Anthrax knowledge.

• Don’t forget: Lady Gaga went to Catholic school!

• Chunklet/Indie Cred Test mastermind Henry Owings has a lot to say about a lot of things.

• Hey, Hype Williams: What happened to you?

And more, including Krallice, Gang Gang Dance, NT, Radical Dads, and the initial lineups for the area sheds. We’ll be back here Monday!