NYU Business Student Makes $300K Off Dead Osama Shirts, Gives It All Back


23-year-old NYU business school student Maurice Harary worked late into the night after Osama Bin Laden was killed, making a website and designing a line of dead Osama-themed merch. As of yesterday, he’d reportedly sold 25,000 t-shirts at $12 per shirt. The disturbing frat-boy nature of the “Osama is Dead” t-shirts notwithstanding, it’s pretty impressive that Harary acted so quickly and successfully, so props to him for that.

Now, though, he’s…giving all the money back? Seriously: he told CBS, “I will now be refunding all orders on Osama dead tees. Celebrating over the death of someone, whoever it is, is evil in my eyes.”

He continued, “I feel it’s not a positive way to be making money. I don’t want my success to come at the expense of anyone else.” Who is this guy, Mother Theresa? He’s going to give back literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit made in the course of a few days for some high-minded wishy washy ideal.

Just kidding, it sounds like he’s remarkably principled. Well, except for the part where he had thousands of t-shirts made with Osama Bin Laden’s face on them and capitalized on the blend of patriotism and bloodlust that had a stranglehold over the entire country the night of OBL’s death. That part was a little sketch.

[via Daily Intel]