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Streisand’s Gypsy: Still On, Despite Laurents’ Passing


Sixty-nine-year-old Barbra Streisand was all set to play Mama Rose in a movie of the ultimate showbiz musical, Gypsy, but then you’ll recall that author Arthur Laurents decided not to go ahead with it because theater’s joy is its evanescence and another Gypsy movie wasn’t necessary or some such thing.

And then I heard the project was on again, with Laurents somehow convinced it was a good idea, as theater queens everywhere breathed a secret sigh of relief.

And then he passed!

The feisty, iron-willed writer of two shows that redefined the musical genre (West Side Story being the other one) died while still planning, devising, working, and directing, poetically enough.

So is Barbra’s Gypsy now as off-again as the title character’s blouse?

I have the answer …

No way!

It’s still on!

A very inside source tells me that Arthur had signed the deal, and it’s a go!

Pushing up daisies?


For Barbra, everything’s coming up roses.