The NYU Hawks Are In Trouble


There’s a riveting story coming out of NYU right now, full of danger, suspense, love, heartbreak, and the promise of new life. It’s the story of Violet and Bobby, the redtail hawk couple nesting on top of Bobst library, and their struggle to hatch their three eggs. The hawks have been nesting outside NYU president John Sexton’s office since late March, and the first baby (or “eyass,” to use the technical term which I know probably isn’t pronounced “eye-ass” but let’s pretend it is) was born yesterday. It had been thought that the eggs were past their expiration date, as it were, but the baby surprised everyone and hatched!

But now, there’s some bad news. Violet has something wrapped around her leg. The leg is swollen and if the plastic detritus isn’t removed and she gets sicker, things don’t look good for the hawk family.

Violet has been attentively caring for her eyass, but her leg is very swollen and doesn’t look to be getting better. City Room is monitoring the situation, and they’ve talked to two “hawk rehabilitators” who are offering to capture Violet and tend to her problem. The thing is, they’ll have to get on the roof and reach down with a pole, and this is assuming that Violet doesn’t fly away, and oh my God, it’s all so stressful and everyone needs a drink.

NYU officials are meeting with the hawk rehabilitators today to formulate a plan. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, you can watch the hawk family in real time via the hawk cam mounted on Bobst. And here are some high-res photos of Bobby, Violet, and their eyass.