Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda Moves Forward, Still Sucks Even Without Death Penalty Provision


A controversial bill in Uganda that would harshly punish homosexuality is moving through parliament with a second day of hearings today, and could be voted on by the end of the week, 18 months after its initial proposal. Back then, it included the death penalty for homosexuals with HIV, same-sex rapists or “serial offenders.” (Being convicted of a homosexual act would earn the “guilty” life in jail.) A leading proponent of the bill now says gays should serve as many as seven years in prison. “The parliament should be given the opportunity to discuss and pass the bill, because homosexuality is killing our society,” said Martin Ssempa, a prominent anti-gay pastor; another religious leader claims children are being “recruited” by gays. All Out calls the bill “hateful,” and has a petition obviously worth everyone’s e-signature. [AP]