Battles Has Made A Very Blink-Inducing Video For “Ice Cream”


It starts so innocently: A young woman in a bathtub, just sitting there trying to eat a drippy chocolate ice-cream cone with no clothes on. And from there Battles’ video for the loopy, hypersaturated, Matias Aguayo-assisted “Ice Cream” piles on the images the way some sugar-rushed cone-slingers might add toppings*–shoes! karate! someone eating a really big cookie!–before intercutting long (and longing) shots of women licking things that are definitely not ice-cream cones (as depicted above; the roller-skate scene actually made me kinda shudder) and, finally, a scene of a big paint-and-beach-ball fight, which some ice-cream-cinema scholar could probably posit is the point in one’s bathtub-ridden ice-cream-cone eating when you realize that you’re at war with the rapidly diminishing cream-to-cone ratio, and so you thrust yourself into maximizing your enjoyment of the ever-depleting cream because you know that it’ll all be over soon, and not only that, you’ll have to drain the water and rerun the bath so the whole thing ends with you actually clean, and not just sticky in awkward places.

Or, you know, it just looked sort of cool. (And hot, I guess.) Clip after the jump!

* Sorry, the metaphor was just begging to be used, and plus that cone looks pretty tasty right now, doesn’t it?