Elaine’s Looks Nothing Like Its Former Self; Dads Influence Kids’ Eating Habits More Than Moms


In a look at the James Beard Award nominees, nose-to-tail queen April Bloomfield reveals this shocker: If she had to eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be … “vegetables.” [NY Post]

It appears that Elaine’s is a lot less busy since its namesake, Elaine Kaufman, died in December, begging the question: Is it still Elaine’s? [NY Post]

Support for a nationwide ban on chocolate milk is gaining steam. But some nutritionists say the health benefits of the milk outweigh the harm of the added sugar. [Washington Post]

New research reveals that fathers may have more influence than mothers over how their kids eat. [ABC News]

Remember those women who ate their own artisanal dog food? They get profiled in a look at the $39 million-a-year frozen-dog-food market. [Portfolio]

California is the hub of America’s new and growing caviar market thanks to a proliferation of sturgeon farms. [Wall Street Journal]