How to Legally Climb a Tree in NYC: Pay a Lot of Money


The Wall Street Journal‘s New York section has a feel-good story in today’s edition about the only way to legally climb a tree in New York City. Of the 2 million public trees, Jo Piazza reports, “not one is legal to climb,” and exploring that sort of woodsy fun anyway can result in a $50 fine. (“It’s the same as trying to touch the paintings in the Met,” said one tree-beholden employee.) But the Journal found an exception! Two times per year, the New York Botanical Garden offers “recreational tree-climbing workshops.” The newspaper didn’t mention a price, so we looked it up: a three-day “Professional Introductory Tree Climbing” class costs $348 (“Please bring lunch.”), while a one-time “Recreational Tree Climbing Workshop” will run you $135. By our math, just break the law. [WSJ]