Lady Gaga Tries To Rescue The Big Sax Solo With “Edge Of Glory”


The roll-out to the May 23 release of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, the record that will either save the full-length pop album as we know it or cause the whole music-biz enterprise to capsize underneath the weight of its lengthy tracklist and umlaut-flinging, continued with today’s release of “Edge of Glory,” a love-scene-worthy powerwalking ballad that has a Clarence Clemons sax solo and that is seriously giving me deja vu to movies that I never saw released during those years right around the time of Stefani Germanotta’s baptism, so drenched is it in grand gestures and ’80s MOR tropes. Although Chris Weingarten has already claimed dibs on the comparisons between the 3:19 mark and Art of Noise’s “Moments In Love,” so don’t you even try. Clip after the jump.

I like to think that Gaga and Clemons, while horsing around in the studio, laid down a version of Clemons’ “You’re A Friend Of Mine,” which was released in 1985, the year before Gaga’s birth. (1 B.G.?) You know, just to prove their studio-bestie bona fides!