Man Calls 911 Over ‘Beer Emergency’


Fact: 911 does not care if you’re out of beer. Even if you do. A Connecticut man has learned this lesson the hard way after calling 911 three times on Sunday under the guise of “an emergency.” When medics arrived at the home of Raymond Roberge, who is 65 and should certainly know better, he offered to give them money if they’d go pick up some beer from the store for him. They did not.

Roberge has called 911 an entire 79 times so far this year, which indicates something of a problem — one time he just wanted the medics to hang out with him for a while, which neither pizza delivery guys, nor, apparently, medics, are wont to do (we’ve tried!). In this case, Roberge, who has been instructed repeatedly on proper and improper uses of 911, was charged with misuse of the system and released after posting a $500 bond.

For future reference, for all of us: An actual beer emergency must include physical harm or injury, possibly blood, and maybe lack of beer — two out of three minimum.

Police: Bridgeport man called 911 to get beer []