Man Tackled Aboard Flight After Trying to Enter Cockpit; PATH and Second Avenue Subway Tunnels Breached


• Yesterday a 28-year-old man with a Yemen passport was tackled by crew members and passengers when he started pounding on the cockpit of an American Airlines plane approaching San Francisco. The man was put in handcuffs by a flight attendent and the plane landed safely; he was then taken into police custody. This marks the “third disturbance of the day” in U.S. air, following an incident in which a man tried to open a plane door during a flight (don’t do that!) from Houston to Chicago, and another flight en route to San Diego from Detroit that landed in Albuquerque due to a security scare. [ABC]

• On Sunday there were also two separate incidents of rail security breaches in New York City. In one, a man got into the PATH tunnel and walked to New Jersey, where he apparently told a contracter he’d left a bomb in the tunnel (there was no bomb in the tunnel). In another, a group of twentysomething “urban explorers” got into the Second Avenue subway tunnel with roman candles and cameras (to take pictures, they said). [NYP]

• Also in PATH train news, some 30 people were injured on Sunday when a PATH train in Hoboken hit a barrier at the end of the line, “almost as if the brakes were not being applied.” [NYT]

• The MTA might get rid of MetroCards in the next three or four years. [NY1]

• A drunk tour bus driver allegedly plowed into a 29-year-old man as he turned from 47th Street onto Ninth Avenue just before midnight on Saturday. The man, who was visiting his cousin in the city, was killed. [DNAInfo]

• A woman threw sulfuric acid on a man in Brooklyn on Sunday, burning both of them. They were taken to the hospital and the woman was arrested. It’s not clear what her motive was, but we’d venture to guess she was not happy with him. [NYDN]

Autism may be more common than we think. [NPR]