McDonald’s and Starbucks Will Soon Be Pretty Much Indistinguishable


Is the king of all fast-food chains heeding warnings to back off marketing itself to kids? McDonald’s is undergoing a $1 billion-plus makeover, its biggest ever, with locations being redone to look more adult.

USA Today reports that by 2015, most of the country’s 14,000 Mickey D’s will look more like Starbuckses. The chain is trading in its bright red roofs for more subdued, flatter roofs; yellow and red interiors for subtler earth tones; fiberglass tables for wood; and fluorescent lights for contemporary lamps, as well as adding flat-screen TVs and lounge areas. With its Starbucks-competitive coffee drinks and free Wi-Fi, it looks like McDonald’s is trying to attract grown-ups more than kids. Is it a response to the outcry that the company should stop marketing to little ones or just a smart business decision? Either way, good riddance to the primary colors. Now, if only someone would get rid of that creepy clown.

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