Sprinkles Cupcakes Is Here, and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It.


A little more than a year after it announced its intentions to take over the old Gino space, Sprinkles Cupcakes has made good on its threat promise. Called the “progenitor of the haute cupcake craze,” the Los Angeles-based company will open its first New York storefront on Friday.

The store’s press release tells us we can expect “a Cupcake Walk of Fame, a screen of Sprinkles modern [and litigious!] dots scaling the façade and a party room complete with custom-built cupcake ottomans.” There will also be actual cupcakes.

Somewhat ironically, we can hold Magnolia Bakery responsible for Sprinkles’ New York presence: It was there that Sprinkles’ owners Candace and Charles Nelson reportedly got the idea to ditch their jobs as investment bankers and bake cupcakes instead. We can also blame Barbra Streisand: One of Sprinkles’ first customers when the original bakery opened in 2005, she sent a batch to Oprah, who subsequently featured them on her show and paved the way for a global takeover.

The cupcakes seem to have found favor with the wider celebrity population: Movie stars, fallen socialites, and Scientologists reportedly love them.

Whether New York will is another story, but Sprinkles doesn’t really seem to care; the press release calls this its “first NYC location,” implying that where there is one red velvet cupcake, many, many others will follow.