Staten Island Woman Beats Man With Cooking Pot When He Fails to Produce Mother’s Day Gift


Did you call your mom yesterday? Did you send her a card? We hope so. Today the New York Post imparts the cautionary tale of what can happen when mothers are ignored on their special day. Mothers do not appreciate that. A Staten Island mom, Aretavia Kimbrough, did not appreciate that at all, to the extent that she grabbed a cooking pot — “the kind you cook corn in,” and hit her boyfriend (and the father of her child) over the head with it when he failed to have a Mother’s Day gift at the ready upon his wakeup at 7 a.m.

“I hit him with a pot, and I’m glad I did!” a steamed Aretavia Kimbrough, 28, allegedly told cops after nailing boyfriend Charmean Allen, 28, with the pot, leaving him with a 4-inch gash and a big lump on his head.

“I’ve been with him for seven years, and he never bought me nothing! “

Meanwhile, in a Gift-of-the-Magi-esque twist, Allen claimed that he had been planning on getting Kimbrough balloons and candy, and that he was also planning to take her to dinner…except now he can’t, “because the police aren’t releasing her.”

Alas, the couple will probably call it quits. Allen says “she has a little bit of a temper.” Kimbrough is expected to be arraigned on charges of domestic violence today, reports the Post.

For next Mother’s Day, please, plan ahead.

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