Adele: Can She Save Modern Civilization?


I’m starting to think she can!

The young British purveyor of what she calls “heartbroken soul” captivated everyone with the haunting “Chasing Pavements” in 2008 and more recently dazzled with “Rolling in the Deep” and other hypnotic hits from her 21 album.

She’s sort of a healthy Amy Winehouse — a smoky, feeling songstress, but one who actually eats and sleeps and shows up on time.

Adele is a fresh talent, not a cookie-cutter chantoozy, and she doesn’t need any gimmicks or fancy accessories to get her point across.

Plus, she makes a really cute talk-show guest!

Best of all, this fascinating factlet popped up on Music Choice — you know, those channels way up in the 800s.

“Adele hates anchovies. They remind her of sea monkeys. Not that she’s ever eaten a sea monkey!”

And if she did, I’m sure it would be a healthy choice.

Yay, Adele! A singer for our time. Long may she eat and perform.

P.S.: She’s singing on Dancing With the Stars tonight. She’s taking over!