Co-Op Food & Drink to Colonize the Hotel on Rivington


Where there was Thor, there will soon be Co-Op Food & Drink.

Per Diner’s Journal, the restaurant will provide the Hotel on Rivington’s in-house dining beginning next week. It’s the work of Guerrilla Culinary Brigade, a hospitality group best-known for staging pop-up dinners and culinary events with the likes of kinder-chef Greg Grossman. Its founders, Alan Philips and Jason Apfelbaum, have installed Le Bernardin alum John Keller as their executive chef, while Stephen Wong, late of Sushi of Gari, will handle the raw fish. Their menu will feature lots of shareable plates, sushi, and comfort-foody roast chicken, braised short ribs, and, of course, a burger.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Messrs. Philips and Apfelbaum will be setting up a tequila bar and taqueria, and a raw fish and sake bar. Altogether, it sounds like a gastronomic amusement park for the hotel’s patrons; whether any locals will want to get on for a ride they can already take almost everywhere else in town remains to be seen.