Crazy Cat Ladies Are Making Crazy Cat Hairball Jewelry


Consider our minds officially blown by this Daily News story on cat hairball jewelry. Let’s say it again! Cat. Hairball. Jewelry. Kate Benjamin, an enterprising cat lady in Phoenix, decided she didn’t want to waste the cat fur that she brushed from her cat regularly. So…enlisting the help of her jeweler friend Heidi Abramson, who also has a cat, she made stuff with it! To wear, on her fingers and neck and such! This all makes our throat feel very funny.

Benjamin does clarify that “the accessories are made of shedded cat fur, never the wet, revolting clods that cats cough up,” which she agrees would be “pretty nasty.” Indeed.

Benjamin also makes cat toys from the fur. And she rather discriminatingly draws the line at whose fur she will wear.

“I’m not sure if I would want to wear jewelry made from the fur on someone else’s cats, it’s kind of personal,” she said.

Please excuse us while we go cough excessively.

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