Lady Gaga To Turn Farmville Into A Parking Lot For Windowless Airbrushed Vans


“On May 17th, Lady Gaga and Zynga will unveil GagaVille, a farm within FarmVille, which will showcase Lady Gaga’s themes from the album, such as crystals, unicorns and motorcycles.”
Warning: Your Facebook news feed is about to be taken over by an insane amount of cross-promotion for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, one which will apparently further solidify Gaga’s position as the standard-bearer for the revival of the hard-rock-chick aesthetic of ~22 years ago. The question you must ask–well, aside from “So who pays whom for the honor?”–is this: Will your friends (or, maybe, “friends”) who are always bugging you with requests to join their virtual farms irritate you more or less now that their game-playing can be soundtracked by the dulcet tones of Clarence Clemons’s saxophone? Choose wisely, otherwise you’ll get sucked into Ke$ha Mob Wars before it’s too late.