Park Slope Councilman Proposes Bill to Give You a Parking Spot When You Move


One of the special challenges of living in New York, aside from all the time spent dreaming of someday having your very own washer and dryer, is moving. Something that is not fun no matter where you live becomes even worse with the addition of a broker’s fee, walk-up apartments, and, of course, hiring movers — unless you can convince some friends to help you out (this only works about once in a New York lifetime). And more often than not you won’t even be able to park directly outside of your apartment, making moving time (and money spent) that much more burdensome. Ah, but a Park Slope councilman has your back, even if he isn’t actually offering to help you move.

According to the New York Post, Councilman Brad Lander of Park Slope has introduced legislation that would require the creation of moving-day parking permits, “allowing people to reserve spots close to the residences they are leaving and the ones they’ll soon call home.” Lander has been there, having gotten stuck moving a friend’s desk and dresser 20 years ago, an experience he has clearly not forgotten. He says,

“There will still be times when friends dragoon friends into helping them move into fifth-floor walkups, but [with this bill], they won’t have to be the van lookout.”

Lander admits that enforcement will be difficult, and how do you really make people move out of reserved spots once they’re there? Still, his heart is in the right place. Moving sucks. Could we do something about rents, next?

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