Pool Parties For NYC’s Pretty People!


There are going to be a lot of them this summer, and already one has started — Josh Wood and Jared Needle‘s “Rooftop Pool & Social Club” Sundays at the Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC.

Last Sunday night, an interesting bunch of homosexuals and their admirers assembled on the hotel’s stunning roof, complete with breathtaking views, and if you had a wristband, you got to go in the private pool area to feel extra St. Tropez-ish and gayish.

The problem is, I was sitting there when an inebriated man, in a full suit and tie, fell into the pool by accident and made quite an unwanted splash.

Not sure how such a looney got a wristband, but I’ll give him this much:

The dude managed to summon enough coherence to promptly lift himself out of the pool and even to stay at the bash for hours, even though he was wetter than a cock in a rainstorm.

Maybe his suit was one of those “rinse in warm water” kind of jobs and he’d planned the whole thing?

In any case, aside from that one messy mishap, the event went swimmingly.

P.S.: Door by Darrell Elmore, music by Sparber, and hosting by Marco Ovando.