R.I.P. Mia Amber Davis, Plus-Size Model and Road Trip Comic Seductress (Updated)


Mia Amber Davis, plus-sized model, size-positive blogger, and the underwear-clad full-figured seductress from Road Trip, has passed away. Earlier today, the subject of our recent feature Guys Who Like Fat Chicks chose the actress, model, and producer as one of the Fat Community’s most beautiful icons. Only a few hours later, notice of her passing was posted the Facebook page of Plus Model Magazine, where she was creative editor-at-large. The message in full:

It is with great sorrow that we are confirming that our dear friend, and plus size model Mia Amber passed away just a short time ago. We do not have any details, please send your love and prayers to the family, mom and her husband. Her fan page is here Mia Amber Davis Fan Page. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy.

More details as they become available. [Plus Model Magazine, Curvy]

Update, Wednesday, May 11, 2:20pm: TMZ spoke with Mia Amber’s husband, Michael Yard, who says that his wife had knee surgery the previous day, and though she had come home fine, was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday.

TMZ spoke with Mia’s husband — Michael Yard — who told us the actress went under the knife Monday to correct an ongoing issue with her knee stemming from an old college basketball injury.

Yard — who was in NY at the time — tells us he spoke with Mia Tuesday morning and she sounded normal and in good spirits.

However, hours later — Mike says he got a phone call from Mia’s cousin informing him that she was taking Mia to the hospital because Mia had been suffering from a bout of dizziness.

Soon after, Mike says the unthinkable happened — he got another phone call informing him his wife had passed away.

Friend Plus Model Magazine editor Madeline Figueroa-Jones posted a tribute today:

We traveled together — worked together and have seen each other through the ups and downs of life. I was seven months’ pregnant when we got the call from the producers of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show, and when I was not cleared to travel to be on the show, it was Mia who faced Janice and boldly stood up to her. Mia was not a confrontational person, but she knew how to face her opponents, and she faced Meme Roth on CNN (watch video here), the year after the Janice Show, again proving that she was much more than just a model, but a role model we could look up to.

Mia Amber Davis interviewed at Brooklyn Fashion Week 2010