Ten Hot Famous Fat Chicks


Dan Weiss is the author of the blog Ask a Guy Who Likes Fat Chicks and he’s profiled in our recent feature, “Guys Who Like Fat Chicks.” He put together a list of ten hot famous bigger women with the disclaimer that he “tried to mix girls I personally think are pretty with girls you don’t have to be an Fat Admirer to think are pretty.” Either way, we trust his judgment.

If you don’t want to squeeze a few of these cuties, you may need your head (and hands) checked.


The singer told Rolling Stone a few weeks ago that “even if [she] had a really good figure, she’d get her ass and tits out for no one.” Glad she’s not into selling her body, but it’s unfortunate the Brit correlated that with not having a “really good figure.” Her eyelashy Hollywood pout is far from unconventional beauty, and as for the neck below, you’re the best-selling pop star in a curvy country. Please own it.

Mia Amber Davis

You may remember Mia Amber Davis as the fat black chick in leopard panties who seduces the rubbery D.J. Qualls in Road Trip, even if you don’t remember who D.J. Qualls is. But these two stereotypes got it on so innocently and slow-grinding that the scene was more steamy than funny. (To me, anyway.) Even as a fat joke, it was hard to make Davis un-hot. So it makes sense she’s a plus-size model and sometime size-positive blogger in 2011. Progress is sexy too. Update: Less than three hours after this was posted, we received news that Mia Amber Davis had passed away.

Melissa McCarthy

In the ultra-ideal world of Gilmore Girls, everyone speaks in snappy mile-a-minute patter and all fat girls have normal dating lives. Melissa McCarthy’s Sookie St. James was undeniably cute and confident. Dressed to fit her not-at-all-small body (tastefully, I know people are into that), she was an unapologetic chef and—wow!—was never interrogated about her weight or even had it referenced. She even had the gall to go and get pregnant. Then McCarthy 180’d entirely with Mike & Molly, a show almost exclusively about fat, that billed itself somewhat the way Shallow Hal did: a big pile of fat jokes with a little message at the bottom. Having seen both extremes, McCarthy’s career seems untarnished, as her new comedy Bridesmaids opens this weekend with a Judd Apatow production credit and everything. Not bad compared to that chick from Popular who hawks Jenny Craig now!

Carrie Baker Reynolds

Many people who aren’t “into” fat chicks will understand that most of the girls on this list are “pretty” or something. Not Carrie Baker Reynolds, with her 400-pound figure and jiggly gait in her suburban-normal portrayal of a niche-and-happy webmodel. But in just one film, and even lumped into stupidly typical food-porn slot-casting, Carrie still shines (to me) in City Island as one of the biggest sex symbols in movie history. But would a sex scene have been too much to ask?

Lindsay Hollister

Lindsay Hollister’s the unsung guts of fat character acting. She’s pretty and she’s the poster girl for taking work where she can get it: a high school student on Boston Public who has a heart attack, a framed victim of fat-bullying on SVU, or the ninth-circle horrors of Uwe Boll’s title character in the forthcoming Bloodrayne/Inglourious Basterds spoof Blubberella. But the one we hope you’ve seen was the Get Smart remake, in a riotous dance-off with Steve Carell where, much like his ex-fellow schlubs on The Office, you can laugh with her too.

Amber Riley & Ashley Fink on Glee

If Nielsen Ratings were calculated via an electoral vote system, with each fat girl per show counting as one, this would explain this musical mass phenom’s runaway-train popularity. Love t or hate it, Glee has its uses, as one goth-punk star has noted. Hooray for no tokenism.

Hailey Hasselhoff

Tokenism has its uses too. It was amusing to watch the powers-that-be behind ABC Family fat-camp show Huge struggle with the unthinkable: their chubby-teen show needed a sex symbol. People could stand for Roseanne and Dan, or Mike and Molly, as some kind of identifiable middle-age settlers, but a horny summer-camp of teens with no action. So they brought in David Hasselhoff’s blue-eyed blond offspring who could maybe qualify for plus-sized on America’s Next Top Model, but barely chubby anywhere outside Tinseltown. She’s still adorable though. Baby steps, America.

Nikki Blonsky

Huge, which Nikki Blonsky also starred in, didn’t work because its archetypes were too black and white. Hairspray‘s frumped-out Nikki Blonsky couldn’t really be that disinterested in boys, right? Or doing her hair? Real-life frumps like to let their hair up once in a while. Luckily she’s much cuter in real life.

Gabourey Sidibe

Her being huge didn’t freak the Oscars out, it’s that she’s unavoidably young and purty on top of that. A lead actress from the get-go, this one. Threat level orange.