The Robicellis Need a Bunch of Cash to Open Their Flagship Store


When Matt and Allison Robicelli began selling their eponymous cupcakes three years ago, they had a gourmet market in Bay Ridge. Although their cupcakes quickly gained a following, the store soon proved to be a drain on both their finances and personal lives, and they sold it. But in two months, they’re planning to open a new one.

Urban Space, the company behind outdoor markets in New York and London, has asked the Robicellis to open a flagship store in its new Dekalb Market, which is scheduled to open in early summer. But new stores, as we don’t have to be told, cost a shitload of money to get off the ground, so the Robicellis have started a fundraising campaign that will help them “take the next step in conquering the American Dream.”

They’re trying to raise $9,000 to buy things like building materials and a refrigerated cupcake case, and are promising to reward their donors with varying quantities of free cupcakes. “We just need your help to make [the store] successful,” they write, “because no one wants to sit on the floor and eat cupcakes in the dark while staring at Kirk Cameron.” Although this sounds exactly like something we saw in a gallery on lower Orchard Street the other week, they make a valid point.