2nd Ave Deli Sued for Gutbomb; A Bun in Donatella Arpaia’s Oven


The 2nd Ave Deli is being sued by Arizona-based Heart Attack Grill for trademark infringement due to its “Instant Heart Attack Sandwich.”

For the past year, the Family Life Academy Charter School in the Bronx has served fresh food in the cafeteria, prepared by a professional chef, to teach kids about healthy eating.
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Sam Sifton dishes on life as a food critic: Apparently, the downside is not getting to be a regular anywhere.

Luke Holden and Ben Conniff, of Luke’s Lobster, who have been expanding like wildfire, sometimes get stalked by lady lobsterman groupies.
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Could Donatella Arpaia’s recent wedding have been of the shotgun sort? The restaurateur has announced that she’s pregnant.
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It’s rumored that Bagatelle is reopening at One Little West 12th Street, and that the restaurant is getting launched in Los Angeles.
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