Bronx Zoo’s Escapee Peahen Caught Disappointingly Quickly


If there’s one thing we New Yorkers love, it’s an escaped zoo animal. Alas, the Bronx Zoo peahen (that’s “lady peacock,” to you) was only freed for a day and a night during which the scrappy bird apparently scuffled with an alley cat, ate someone’s discarded hamburger bun, and was gawked at by Bronx residents before ending up in a garage. This peahen gets around!

Via the New York Times City Room blog,

A statement from the zoo’s director, James J. Breheny, did not say where the garage was or how far the fugitive had wandered, but the statement said that she had been “safely corralled” and was “resting comfortably” in the zoo’s Wildlife Health Center after an examination by zoo veterinarians.

The Bronx Zoo allows its “peafowl” to roam free in the first place, which means residents and fowl may have another chance to interact. Fingers crossed.

Postal worker Laverne Bowen waxed lyrical about the incident.

“I could have a peahen to my left, a cobra to my right,” she said.

She added, “It’s kind of cuckoo.”

Of course, the peahen already has a Twitter account, because that’s what escaped animals people do now. Humans are so predictable. In other news, the New York Times is really outdoing itself in bird coverage.

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