Donald Trump, on Hair


Oooh. Donald Trump’s hair secrets are out. The Daily News recaps what our favorite possible presidential contender/businessman/reality television personage (he who has suddenly lost a bit of popularity) has to say about haircare! From a Rolling Stone magazine interview, in which Trump’s locks are described as “the patriotic shade of amber waves of grain,” we glean the following nuggets of hair wisdom:

1. Wash with brand-name dandruff shampoo (Trump likes Head and Shoulders).

2. Air-dry. This may take up to an hour depending on your hair type.

3. Spend that time catching up on the morning news. Who can you challenge about a birth certificate today?

4. Use a comb.

5. Comb “sort of a little bit forward and back.” Never change! “Same thing, every time.” Consistency is next to good hair.

6. Be proud of your hairline, when you think about it. Don’t think about it that often, though.

7. Tell people you might run for president. When people lose interest in that, give them hair-care tips. Publicity is publicity, after all.