Friendly Bikini Waxer Will Get You Drunk to Take the Edge Off


Bikini wax: Two words synonymous with pain. Vodka: One word synonymous with staving off the pain, at least until the next day when the pain is worse than ever, depending on how much vodka is involved. However! A bikini wax is brief, and if you can get drunk beforehand, maybe it won’t hurt so much. That’s what an intrepid DNA Info reporter (anything for a story) found when she went for a “vodka bikini wax” and was, reportedly, “so knocked out by my vodka shot that I barely noticed what’s normally a vivid experience. Sleepy and calm, I barely noticed the rip and pull of summer’s most painful ritual — the dreaded bikini wax.” Why has no one thought of this before?

For the record, the “vodka bikini wax store” manager Vadim Epstein thought of numbing his “patients” with booze seven years ago after a customer made a joke about getting drunk pre-wax to dull the pain.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, you can visit the Beauty and Youth Spa and Salon in Greenwich Village or, really, any liquor store and then any waxing joint — DIY it! But we’ll leave you with a deep thought for your vodka-numbed mind: If we have to do shots of vodka to make something hurt less, should we be doing it at all? Or should we just be doing vodka shots always?

This year, customers getting waxes for Valentine’s Day drank two and a half bottles in a week. Next up: Tequila.

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