Guss’ Pickles Returns to the LES at the Hester Street Fair


A year after it vacated the Lower East Side, Guss’ Pickles will return, if only for one day.

The Hester Street Fair’s Suchin Pak tells us that Guss’, an LES fixture for 85 years before decamping to Brooklyn in 2010, will be at the market this Saturday. For now, Pak says, it’s a one-time thing, but depending on their sales, they may return.

If last weekend’s market was any indication, they should do just fine: 11,000 people turned out on Saturday, descending like locusts and stripping many food vendors of their wares before 3 p.m. In addition to Guss’, this weekend will bring a passel of new vendors, including Adirondack Creamery, an upstate ice cream company; Rescue Chocolate, which donates its proceeds to animal rescue organizations; and Mortgage Apple Cakes, whose proceeds go to saving its proprietor’s New Jersey house from foreclosure. Aside from pickles and philanthropy, you can also expect meatballs, empanadas, Taiwanese shaved ice, and more — a full list can be found here.