Justice Department to Investigate Newark Police, Just After Chief Garry McCarthy, ex-NYPD, Gets Top Job In Chicago


The Justice Department says it’s going to probe misconduct and poor internal oversight in the 1,300-member Newark Police Department.

The announcement came just a week after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he had selected Newark Police Chief Garry McCarthy, the former NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Operations, who served under commissioners Safir, Kerik and Kelly, to run the Chicago PD.

McCarthy had won kudos for fighting crime in Newark, but civil liberties groups filed a complaint in 2010 alleging 418 civil rights violations over two years — including false arrest, discrimination, and excessive force.

The Newark PD was also accused of burying internal affairs complaints. Out of 261 such complaints, only one was sustained, according to the ACLU.

Looks like McCarthy got out just in time. Emanuel backed McCarthy in comments this afternoon to the Chicago Sun Times, claiming the misconduct predated McCarthy’s tenure in Newark, which began in 2006.